Barfußpark Lüneburger Heide

In Egestorf, at Barfußpark Lüneburger Heide, this is where it all began – our love for walking barefoot in nature. Together with the barefoot park pioneer Jan Peters from the wild north of the country, we brought the idea to Brandenburg and built our Barefoot Park on the grounds of Beelitzer Heilstätten.

Stiftung Mensch

We owe the wonderfully neat appearance of the Beelitz Barefoot Park to a national-level collaboration whose journey begins in the far north of Germany. Starting at the headquarters and workshop of Stiftung Mensch in Meldorf, the trail then leads to Egestorf in Lower Saxony, from there – of course – back to Meldorf, after which it makes the leap to Beelitz, Brandenburg.


Herbal Heidi (Kräuter-Heidi) is our very own expert on herbs that grow in the wild and in the garden. A Brandenburger by birth she helps barefoot friends large and small to discover the delights of the world of (edible) plants. We have already introduced her on our blog, and this year she is also organising a herb day on 24 June, at the beginning of the holidays, as well as regular taster courses on Tuesdays. Just have a look at our calendar of events.

Karen Schrumpf

Karen Schrumpf is a master in the art of quiet relaxation and regularly offers qigong taster sessions here at the Barefoot Park. She too will be offering classes with us at Barfußpark again in 2021. You can find the dates here. And if you’d like to learn more about Karen’s approach to qigong, and why it’s particularly enjoyable to practise in the great outdoors, you can find out more on our blog.

Oberlin Werkstätten

Oberlin Werkstätten help us look after the grounds, as well as awakening the Barefoot Park from its hibernation every spring. You are fantastic! Many thanks for all your efforts!

Miriam Ott

The Berlin-based landscape designer, Miriam Ott, created our beautiful herb garden, creating a space which manages to be wonderfully integrated into our extensive grounds whilst having its own very special kind of magic.

Janette Rauch

The popular actress, Janette Rausch, turns our Bareoot park into a fairy-tale world, enchanting little barefoot friends with fairytales from other worlds. We also love hearing her very distinctive voice – you’re never too old for fairy tales!


Rike Herzog and her team are committed to improving the habitats of bees and insects, arranging flower sponsorships and much more. They provide us with seed power for the large flowering meadow in the Barefoot Park.

Franziska Eisleben

Meditation teacher, lecturer and relaxation educator

Franziska Radtke is a meditation teacher and our consultant when it comes to all things related to mindfulness and relaxation. Together with health and wellness coach and guest attendant Claudia Stolzenwald, she makes sure that groups, both corporate and private, come and experience nature as a source of strength and as a sustainable place to recharge.

Andrea Pahmeier is the owner of ticoché and has created a “time out for your feet” for us, consisting of a very special foot cream with exfoliation. We have introduced the PhD biologist and biochemist in our blog.


Last but not least, our neighbours at the Beelitz Tree Top Walk, who are also leaseholders of ours. We are so pleased to have worked with you to bring life back into this historic site and to have transformed it into such a beautiful place for so many day-trippers, history fans, lovers of forests and meadows, treetop-gazers, tree-huggers and barefoot enthusiasts. Thanks for being such good neighbours.