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Adventures for school classes, nursery school groups and after-school groups

An important component of our barefoot park concept is the topic “learning through movement”. A barefoot park is simply the perfect setting for learning and experiencing whilst surrounded by nature. This goes as much for smaller children and nursery school groups as it does for school classes of all ages. City children in particular struggle to cope with an ever greater lack of movement, with becoming overweight, with problems concentrating and with feelings of agitation – anyone who works at a school is all too familiar with these kinds of problems.

In the Barefoot Park, for once it’s not about being the one whe can run the fastest, or jump the furthest, nor is it about being the one who is the cleverest, the best, or the coolest. (Having said which: anyone who manages to cross the beechmast without complaint must surely deserve an A for bravery.) The children get to move around together in the fresh air, feel their bodies making contact with the earth through the soles of their feet, stand knee-deep in clay, and even walk across broken glass – whilst learning about their surroundings at the same time: the forest, the animals, the herbs, and the flowers.

The various nature discovery stations help to structure the experience so that, by the end of the day, you really have the feeling of having been present with all of your senses. (Something which can really help is leaving all the mobile phones in a locker.) You can spread out on the ground all around the kite tent – either with your own picnic or with a meal package which you can order from us.

If you’re planning to come as larger group, it would be wonderful if you could tell us beforehand. This way, we can make sure we can provide for your specific wishes.

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Children pay 7.00 euros and, for every 15 children, one accompanying adult gets free admission. Additional adults pay the group rate of 9.00 euros.

    *) Information required
    **) We will do everything we can in order for you to be able to visit on your desired date, but we hope that you understand that this is not always possible.


    We would like to make a binding booking for a meal package.
    All packages include water and apfelschorle (apple juice with fizzy water):



    We are looking forward. See you soon at the Barefoot Park. Your Barefoot Park Team.

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