Happy barefoot to you!

Children’s birthdays at the Barefoot Park

Jumping around under a wide open sky, without a care, and no need to worry about bothering the neighbours – the Barefoot Park makes it all possible. To turn any birthday party into a real celebration, we’ve come up with a couple of birthday packages.

Celebrate children’s birthdays here with us! All your adventurers, treasure-hunters, forest creatures, and fairy tale detectives can spend the whole day barefoot, have loads of fun, and learn all sorts of things about nature – and about your bodies.

In addition to all the exciting barefoot trails, with a total of 68 discovery stations, including such highlights as the wet stations, the giant swing, and the trampoline, there are all sorts of birthday packages.
We’ll give you a quick overview of them here.

An invitation to print out yourself and instructions for your guests can also be found here:

Children’s birthday invitation (German)Tips for visitors (German)

Hunting for buried treasure
A very special treasure hunt: with really fun team-based games, a knowledge quiz with a couple of very tricky tasks – and, of course, a treasure map, treasure chest, and all the things you’d expect from a proper treasure hunt.

Ages: 6 years upwards | Cost: 7.00 euros/child for admission + 120 euros for an expert guide and a treasure. Free admission for the birthday child..

The guided tours start punctually at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm or 3:30 pm.
Please plan half an hour in advance so that there is enough time for the toilet and changing.
The tour takes 1–1.5 hours, depending on the group size.
Tours take place whatever the weather (except in the event of serious thunderstorms)

Bookings are binding

Please note our terms and conditions.

    We would like to start the guided birthday tour at*


    We would like to make a binding booking for the following birthday package*

    The birthday child has free admission.

    We would like to make a binding booking for a meal package
    All packages include water and apfelschorle (apple juice with fizzy water).



    We look forward to your rascals and see you barefoot in the park very soon.

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