Barefoot experiences for children and families

Happy barefoot to you!

Children’s birthdays at the Barefoot Park

Jumping around under a wide open sky, without a care, and no need to worry about bothering the neighbours – the Barefoot Park makes it all possible. To turn any birthday party into a real celebration, we’ve come up with a couple of birthday packages.

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School trips

Adventures for school classes, nursery school groups and after-school groups

An important component of our barefoot park concept is the topic “learning through movement”. A barefoot park is simply the perfect setting for learning and experiencing whilst surrounded by nature. This goes as much for smaller children and nursery school groups as it does for school classes of all ages.

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Barefoot at heart

Barefoot for (almost) every occasion

Looking for a different way to celebrate your child’s first day at school? Not in the mood for tea and biscuits in granny’s garden? Do you have a family event coming up which you’d like to organise a real surprise for? Come and visit us at the Barefoot Park! Whatever it is you will be celebrating, we’ll make sure that you have a fantastic time.

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