Tree Top Walk & Beelitzer Heilstätten

Located on the grounds of the former sanatoria of Beelitzer-Heilstätten, the Barefoot Park is right next to the Tree Top Walk. You are more than welcome to combine your stay at the Barefoot Park with a visit to the Tree Top Walk and/or a tour (e.g. “Zeitenwandel” – the “Changing Times” tour) through the premises of the old sanitoria of Beelitzer Heilstätten.

Visit the Beelitz-Heilstätten Tree Top Walk

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Cost: 22,50 euros per person when making use of the reduced group combined ticket (Barefoot Park & Tree Top Walk)

Time to put your shoes back on! Whilst your time in the Barefoot Park will be spent very close to the ground indeed, here, you will be spending your time up in the sky. At a height of 20 metres, you will walk amongst the treetops, viewing the listed buildings which make up Berliner Heilstätten, and viewing the entirety of this enchanted park from above. All in all, the Tree Top Walk is 760 metres long and entirely accessible. Access is via a lift.

“Changing Times” tour through Beelitzer Heilstätten

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 200 euros per group for a tour provided by a professional guide (max. group size of 30)

Want to round the day off by learning a bit about “Beelitzer Heilstätten”? Then this tour is just the thing for you. An expert guide will take you on a walk through the history of the former sanitorium, explaining how things used to be and what it is used for nowadays. Plus: a short viewing of some of the rooms in the surgery building, which can only be accessed as part of a tour.

Other topical tours upon request.

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