Health offers in the barefoot park

Occupational health care is becoming increasingly important for companies. Topics such as work-life balance, stress avoidance and reduction, or the climate of well-being in the company can no longer be carelessly pushed aside.
In the Barefoot Park Beelitz-Heilstätten we dedicate ourselves to the health of your colleagues and employees in detail. With a lot of experience and intuition we respond to the individual needs of the respective groups. The barefoot park is a place to let the soul dangle. Its concept stands for active enjoyment of nature. Especially in our health offers we complement this with deceleration, healthy exercise and stress reduction. On the journey through the Barefoot Park, everyone finds themselves.

Your time in the Barefoot Park starts with a hearty breakfast. Afterwards you will go on the first tour on the Red Round. On 1.2 km, broken glass and water pools, balancing stairs, herb garden and more await you. On the Red Round we push together the everyday life far away and get you also mentally in the barefoot park. Tensions are released, body and mind are wonderfully refreshed. Thus, all participants are perfectly prepared for the relaxation session.

Together with our anti-stress coach Claudia Stolzenwald we go to the Blue Round of the Barefoot Park. Because for our special “anti-stress unit” it already needs some rest. During this relaxation unit, participants will learn yoga breathing exercises (calm the nervous system), soothing relaxation exercises for the back, legs, hips, feet, and selected relaxation techniques. In between, there are always light relaxation exercises for the stress muscles in the shoulder-neck area. She also has helpful tips and tricks for “teeth grinders”.

The exercises can also be done at the workplace and in the home office. Of course, everyone is allowed to move at their own pace. In the meantime, those who don’t want to participate can relax in the hammocks next door, stack stones or listen to the wind chimes in the trees. At the end of the day, you can feast on a barbecue buffet or a meal of your choice. Because one thing is certain: forest air makes you hungry.
But what is stress and what does it do to our bodies? Our anti-stress coach Claudia Stolzenwald will explain this in a one-hour theory unit. This additional unit can be booked as an optimal supplement in connection with our anti-stress offer.

Our health offer for groups at a glance
  • Admission for groups to the Barefoot Park, 9.00 euros per person*
  • Team-building tour in the barefoot park to get you started (approx. 90 minutes), 150 euros per group, max. 20 people per group
  • Theory unit on “Reducing stress” (approx. 60 minutes), 150 euros
  • Anti-stress lesson on the Blue Circuit of the Barefoot Park (approx. 60 minutes), 150 euros per group, max. 20 people per group
  • Time in the barefoot park for your own exploration
  • Catering: e.g. start with breakfast (from 12,00 Euro) + BBQ “The Classic” (19,50 Euro) plus further drinks if necessary

* The price per person is an orientation and changes due to the group prices for guided tours according to the group composition.

Other health offers

Guided herbal tour with Herbal Heidi

Group size: at least 5 people, max. 25
Duration: 1 hour
Tour times: every Tuesday from 11.00–12.00, group tours and other topics upon request Mondays to Fridays
Cost: 12.50 euros per person

Did you know? Sustainability can be so easy! Discover herbs in the wild and in the garden with “Herbal Heidi”. What’s growing on your doorstep? A short, entertaining intensive course with herbal teacher Heidi Knappe, all about the wonderful world of herbs! We’ll be creating a liquid herbarium together. All participants will be able to take something home with them.

Qi Gong

Group size: max. 10 people
Duration: 1 hour
Dates: possible every day except Wednesdays
Cost: 90 euros per group

Feel the power of the forest and further intensify the barefoot experience. This qigong unit is designed to help you to heighten your experience here. By means of three simple standing excercises, your mind will enter a state of relaxation and you will start to focus on your own centre and power. Tension in your back and around your shoulders and neck will ease. The “happy-making pummeling massage” is always great fun and gets rid of stress in 10 minutes.

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