Our discovery tours

Roll up your trouser legs and let’s go! Our guides are here to make sure that your visit to the Barefoot Park is one to remember, a real bonding experience.

Group size: max. 25 people per group
If your group is larger, we will divide you up into smaller groups, each with its own guide.
Duration: about 90 minutes
Cost: 120 euros per group

This is a tour where we’ll give you a real change in perspective. We’ll walk across broken glass, wade through a swamp barefoot, become airbourne and challenge both the soles of your feet and your team spirit. Fun and a shared experience take priority during all of this. As you conquer new and unfamiliar challenges, test your balance and compete with one another, you’ll be strengthening both your team spirit and your laughing muscles. See for yourself: this is a tour where no foot will be left clean, and no eye will be left dry.

Wellness fun
Being in nature and recharging your batteries together – that in itself is the essence of wellness. Splodging through clay with full awareness and hopping across all manner of surfaces to happiness and breathing easily again – all of it fills our hearts with joy and awakens the inner child. Our guides will make sure that you move with mindfulness, and thus regain inner calm. For those of you who want to do something for your health, your body, your mind, and your soul, this is just the thing.

Barefoot aha!
Why is it such a joy to feel the earth beneath our feet? What happens to our bodies and our minds when we walk barefoot? On this tour through the Barefoot Park, you’ll find out the answers to these questions, and you’ll also feel the effect on your own body. Also included: all sorts of stations to appeal to your senses and give you valuable knowledge about nature.

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